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Inspiring thoughts for the day.

Sunday thoughts

Living in the space of love and appreciation!

Love and appreciation are the highest vibrations that will create change within us. When we learn to live by those vibrations and allow them they will change those negative beliefs that limit us. Our soul vibrates with love and appreciation. Live in alignment with your soul and amazing changes will happen in your life. Living in that space, all kinds of healing will take place. There will be physical, emotional, financial, and relationship healing.


The Love/Appreciation vibration

When you are feeling those negative emotions: fear, doubt, or any other low vibration emotions; it time to move your vibrational scale to the love/appreciation end of the scale. 

Time to watch children laugh. Time to watch puppies and kittens. Time for a rant of appreciation. 

Hold the love/appreciation vibration for 60 seconds and you will feel the swift. With practice the swift will come quickly and you will experience amazing life changes.


Here is your mantra for the day:

I am a magnet for all good things. I attract love, prosperity, healing energy, and all I want.

My positive vibration sets up a magnetic field to attract all I love and want in my life. 

Thoughts for the day. 04/26/2016


I have been a worrier by whole life. It was’t till recently I realized that worrying didn't help resolve any  problems, but only made me feel bad. I also believe many physical problems have been partly a result of worry. 

Through a lot of meditation, contemplation, reading, and paying attention to my thoughts and feelings, I have come to a different way of thinking. My attitude now is that feeling good is the most important thing. When I get in he state of appreciation, love, joy, and being happy; my whole body feels a exalted vibration. This feeling of joy and love, is so much better than anything I was worrying about having. 

Given a choice I would rather have this exalted feeling than all the wants I worried about. More money, a lover, or other things, can only add to my already state of happiness, not be the way to happiness. 


Thoughts for Friday 04/29/30

Experience and share love.

For the most part, we live in a negative and fear-based world. But you have to admit there still are are lots of beautiful light based people and places in this world. 

Our beautiful planet is one reason to be full of joy, love and light energy. When you're feeling down and the negativity seems to be overwhelming there are at least two things you can do to change your vibration.

Step out into nature, appreciate the beauty, feel the unconditional love, and become one with all creation. 

Surround yourself with love based people. Develop and maintain friendships with those who inspire you and call you too your highest vibration. Share with each other what you appreciate and love. Smile, giggle, laugh, and play with each other.

Share your happiness and your light.