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One word can make a difference

Sometimes one word can make a big difference in understanding an intent. I Changed the title of my regression work to regression healing sessions. The healing part is very important. It's about healing the wounds from the past: emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. All sorts of wounds are carried forward from either our childhood or from a past life. False and negative beliefs about ourselves, from our past, are carried forward to the present day. These beliefs grow, our compounded and validated through a life time. The result being we limit ourselves from fulfilling our purpose and living our bliss. 
My mission is to inspire, motivate, and teach you how to let go of those limiting beliefs and then live your full potential.
It truly is healing the past so you can live a happy and productive life.


All women in my life

I honor all the women who I've ever been in my life, my mother, my sisters, my ex-wife, my daughter and granddaughter, all the women I have shared amazing adventures, and all those who will be part of my life. I honor your: your strength, your wisdom, your passion, you nurturing, and most of all your love.
Thank you!


This is an excerpt from my book, Messages from Source

We were asked to discuss the political system and our thoughts on that. From our perspective the choices you make are your choices, they reflect your mass consciousness, and the current vibration that you're putting out into consciousness. What we mean by that is, the vibration you put out based on your thoughts and your feelings attractive and create a mass subconscious vibration that will attract a match to  the energy that you're putting out. That feels like a very obvious statement, but the results can create  unintended consequences for your society.

If as a mass consciousness what you are sending out is a low vibrational request for change based on present fears, what will be returned to you is low vibrational answers which will either worsen the situation or maintain the status quo.

The solution, as we see it is to raise your vibration. Lift your vibration to appreciation, love, joy, for other high vibrational emotions, then you will attract people who offer solutions from a high vibrational place. How do you know that you are attracting high vibrational people and solutions? Actually it's very simple listen to their words and feel their emotions. Do their speech patterns include high vibrational thinking? Are there words about love, compassion, kindness, and caring or is their speech revolved around anger, fear, and negative aspects of society? Feel their emotions, are they reflecting love and compassion or fear, distrust, and anger? Do their thoughts and emotions paint a hopeful future with cooperation and respect or do their thoughts evoke fear and  dread?

It is your choice, it is always your choice. Societies get to choose the vibration they want to live from. Choose a love based vibration or a fear-based vibration. When you select leaders that should be your litmus test, what is the predominant energy love or fear.