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A Dream


Had a strange but interesting dream the other day.I woke up to a full Technicolor dream. I don't always dream in color so this really stood out. The dream was about eight people in London, who I have never met. Each one had a great idea and they received 1 million British pounds for their ideas. Just before I woke I asked how can I receive this 1 million pound gift for a new idea. I received, I believe from Spirit, a writing assignment that will be both controversial and rewarding in many ways. I find it interesting our great messages and inspirations come though our dreams. 

The message,after the dream, was on what subject to write about. 

Much has been written on the subject of God, who is God, what is God, and is there a God?

I have been asked to channel information on those questions and much more our relationships with what we call God. I got a clear message to set the record straight about  God. The world is full of lots of God, so is there an absolute truth about God or do we create Gods to fit our particular needs?  Those questions and much more will be addressed in the material.

If you are interested in reading the material, I will be posting it on my blogs pages. I will let you know when each chapter is complete.

Hump Day

Every day is Hump day

Happy Hump day! The day to celebrate the of coming of the weekend and some fun. Why wait, seek what feels good now! Every day should be Hump day.

Start thinking in terms of  ever thing I am doing I am making  it play! 

You might say, “You don’t know how stressful my life and job can be”. 

Remember your thoughts create your world. Change your thinking and your world will change. I know it takes some time, but set your resolve to seek only what feels good.  Once your mind is set on feeling good and only on thoughts that feel good, your world will change. It is the law of the Universe. 


Thoughts on the Orlando killings

Thoughts on the Orlando killings

I know all the facts are not in, but what happened in Orlando feels like religious intolerance, hate, other factors gone crazy against the LGBT community.

Hate crimes in the name of our beliefs fuel more intolerance and retribution. You can blame the gun laws; but you most get back to the real culprit, religion and societal beliefs that teach hate for those different from themselves. 

Let’s go beyond religion and dig a little deeper. It is interesting what I have been reading as to the events in  Orlando. People have a wide range of opinions on who or what was at fault. Comments of have been have  absurd as blaming the victims for not caring guns and  it's their responsibility for their own death. Many blame the guns and the nature of the guns he was carrying. Some will blame his religion or lack of religion, or being indoctrinated by Terrorists groups.

What it really comes down to his beliefs. Somewhere in his background he developed a belief that violence solves problems. He developed the belief  that violence is the way to deal with situations. He adopted a belief that gay people are one’s to hate and his role was to solve the gay “problem”.

Where did his beliefs come from? Was it his  parents, good possibility. Was it his religion or teachers of religion, a possibility. Was it his peer group and what he  learned from television and other media, possibility. 

He was an accumulation of all the beliefs, that he read, heard, and watched up to about age 12. All of the things read, heard, and watched after that age congealed those beliefs into action.

The message for us is not about guns and not about religion, but about what do expose our children to from very early age. Are they exposed to violence, anger, fear, and intolerance from all the various sources of information? Or are exposed to love, peace, acceptance, and tolerance. 

We help create the next Gandhi or mass murder. 

Appreciation Day

Let’s make this a day of appreciation. Look for things that make you smile and appreciate them. Think about the positive changes you want in the world and appreciate them. Think about the wonderful things that you want in your life and appreciate them. 

The more appreciate; the more beauty, love, and what you want will come into your life.

What you focus on from love becomes your reality.


After over 25 years as a professional psychic and Trance Channel I am  now focusing readings on: 

Messages from ancestors, guidance from those who love you and want you to prosper. 

Messages from “Source” on using the Law of Attraction.

Reviewing past lives to reveal how your past is effecting you now.

I am  doing readings on www.psychicencounters.com at 5 PM PDT today

The reading are all $0.99 per minute. My line name is Seth

Contact me for an appointment on the site, by Skype, in person, or telephone (818 599-1503)

Our Gifts

Our Gifts from God..

Thinking about using the gifts we bought into and are developing in this lifetime.

Also reflecting on how we let our egos direct how we use them, instead of letting God/Source to direct our paths to use gifts for there highest purpose. 

I find myself resisting to use my gifts toward certain people and outlets, letting the ego limit my desire to use my gifts in certain psychic applications. 

I stop myself and tell myself, being in the state of allowing is about willingly being directed to serve a higher purpose, even when I don’t always understand the reason. 

If you find yourself questioning how you use your gifts, perhaps it is time to stop and trust that there is purpose beyond your current understanding. Let go and be in the state of allowing. 

The guidance I offer as a psychic

The Guidance I offer as a psychic.

I have been a Channel all my life. I remember in my teens giving people information and then asking myself “where did come from, those are not my words”.

My actual psychic work start 24 years ago after taking a formal channeling class and being part of a channeling group for one year. 

My messages come from my spirit guide Adonis and the spirit guides or ancestors of people I am assisting. 

I use the gifts of:

clairvoyance - seeing

clairaudience - hearing

clairsentience - feeling

claircognizance - knowing

I specialize in receiving messages as a Medium from ancestors and well know people.

I give readings on Past Lives on who how they effect us now.

I use my gift of claircognizance to receive information on the  soul/essence of the client and who they may be asking about.  I focus this guidance  mostly in the area of Love & Relationships and Life purpose.

I am offering a special rate of $1.00 per minute 


How to love yourself!

Therapeutic Mediations 

How to love yourself!

Loving yourself leads to : Success, Happiness, Prosperity, Romance, Love, Joy, Fun!

It is your birthright to be love and have all you desire.

Receiving all you want is about:

Changing your thoughts about yourself, is to change your world. What you think creates your experience.

Go from fear based thinking to love based thinking. 

The problem is we get stuck in negative old patterns of thoughts that don’t allow us to love yourselves completely . If you don’t have all you want, you have limited your capacity to love yourself and create the life you want. 

Time to break the loop of the same fear based thought patterns and allow loving yourself to create a new experience. Time to deeply love yourself and allow loving yourself to change your life.

In therapeutic meditation sessions you are taken to safe meditative state to create a new life experience. We identify the source of your false thought patterns and beliefs.Through a mixture of hypnotherapy, NLP, and Spirit guided life coaching, we rewrite your experiences with new thoughts and believes that are love centered. 

I have been a been a clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive life coach for over 20 years, specializing in regression work and helping people find solutions to problems.

George Gomond C.Ht. M.SC & Shaman, contact me at 818 599-1503 or through www.themessenger.info

Sessions are in person,  through video chat, or telephone.

I have keep at low price to help as many people as possible.

$60 for a full session or $30 for a half session.