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A Road Way Less Traveled

 I was very fortunate, a few years back, to come across an Angel at a challenging time in my life. Angel is another word for "Messenger" and this woman has, indeed, helped many to find important key messages to their life quest.

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Joann TurnerJoann Turner

Dear Readers of The Messenger:

 After 14 years, of presenting a venue for both writers and readers of self and spiritual development, I am ready to hand over the roll of editor/publisher to Anita and Allen Burns.  It has been a heartfelt journey, that has taken me through the depths and peaks of my own growth and development.

Anita and Allen, have both been part of The Messenger for quite some time.  Anita began an Astrology column in one of the very first issues of The Messenger and has continued it on these past many years. It has developed into one of the most informative columns I have seen anywhere. 

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What Dreams...What Gifts!

Down deep within our hearts, there lies a dream within each of us. Something either developed over our lifetime, or something now presenting itself. It is there, if we take some quiet time to get in touch with it.

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