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Changes, Changes...It's all about Changes

When we look back over our lives, we can many times see how one challenging incident may have lead us to exactly where we needed to be. We grew from the experience and was better prepared for the rest of our life that was to come.

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Patterns and Shells

Have you ever become so connected to the constant demands being asked of you that you were not prepared for the time when they stopped. When the work was done, did you stand there wondering what you should do next?

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Life through a rear view mirror

I was reading through some pages in a book I found, ZEN and the Art of Making a Living––a practical guide to creative career design, by Laurence G. Boldt. The author offers some solid, make-sense solutions regarding finding your job, your work, your purpose. In taking on this life quest, that seems to elude many people, the author suggests that you: look at your strengths...pay attention to activities, skills, chores, and projects that light your fire, stir your enthusiasm....and see how life has prepared you.

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Changing a Thought

To journey from that darker road demands constant vigilance on the way we view our changing circumstances and the very thoughts we dwell upon. It is all about choice.

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Walking in Balance

Have you ever tried to maintain your balance, while walking on a narrow cement curb? That feeling of being pulled to the right and then to the left is kind of like Life. 


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Creating from the Mind & Heart

Every thought that comes to us; every picture, movie, song, tv program, or conversation we choose to partake in; makes a comfy place within us, to draw more of the same to us. It's not complicated-- what we choose to surround ourselves with, both internally and externally, is the matter from which we create our lives.

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