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Therapeutic Meditations.

Do you want to:

Increase your prosperity?

Discover your life purpose?

Find a loving partner?

Increase your happiness, joy and, fun?

It is your soul’s destiny to have all of that.

But to manifest your desires you need your thoughts, beliefs and life story to match those desires. 

What many times happens is:

We end up with fear based life stories  like:

It is not my destiny to succeed.

Money is a negative thing.

I am too short, to tall, not good looking enough.

I don’t deserve good to happen to me.

I don’t deserve love.

I come from  a family that will never amounted to anything.

I am here to struggle? Happiness is a reward when I old or die.

You only get what you want if you work really hard and sacrifice fun.

It is time to stop those thoughts, beliefs, and actions that perpetuate your negative stories. 

Time to break the loop of the same fear based thought patterns, of those  firmly anchored negative scripts.

Time to replace those old beliefs and life story.

Time to rewrite your life story and anchor in a new script and beliefs that open you to manifest your desires and enjoy life.

In meditation sessions you are taken to safe meditate state to create a new life story. We identify the source of your false thoughts and beliefs.Through a mixture of hypnotherapy, NLP, and Spirit guided life coaching we rewrite your story with new thoughts and beliefs.

I have been a been a clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive life coach for over 20 years, specializing in regression work and helping people find solutions to problems.

George Gomond C.Ht. M.SC & Shaman contact me at 818 599-1503 or through www.themessenger.info

Sessions are in person,  through video chat, or telephone.

I have keep at low price to help as many people as possible.

$60 for a full session or $30 for a half session.

Regression Therapy

Intuitive Life Coaching specializing in regression therapy 

To teach, inspire, and motivate you to greatness

I design each session to benefit your particular needs.

This is a safe and comfortable approach to healing the past.

Whether it be for an emotional, spiritual, or physical assistance you need.

Why have a regression therapy session?


Let go the feat of dying and loss.

Discover and change beliefs from your childhood, that are limiting you now.

Gain spiritual insights from a both personal and Universal perspective.

Release emotional and physical pains from a past life.

Strengthen your belief in your eternal self.  

Discover a deeper understanding of current relationships.

Confirm your life purpose and why you choose your career.


I use my over 20 years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and teacher of mediations to guide you through the process. The actual therapy portion is channeled from my Spirit group. 

Sessions are live or on video chat using Skype, Google+, or Facebook Messenger.

$90.00 for full session and half  session for $ 50.00

A regression therapy special.

A special offer for a regression therapy session  

I really would enjoy helping you with a regression therapy session, either to childhood or a past life.

I am making a session available at an amazing  price, I am offering the first session at $30.

The session is about 45 minutes. 

We can do the session by video chat: Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Google +

Let me know if your are interested.

One word can make a difference

Sometimes one word can make a big difference in understanding an intent. I Changed the title of my regression work to regression healing sessions. The healing part is very important. It's about healing the wounds from the past: emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. All sorts of wounds are carried forward from either our childhood or from a past life. False and negative beliefs about ourselves, from our past, are carried forward to the present day. These beliefs grow, our compounded and validated through a life time. The result being we limit ourselves from fulfilling our purpose and living our bliss. 
My mission is to inspire, motivate, and teach you how to let go of those limiting beliefs and then live your full potential.
It truly is healing the past so you can live a happy and productive life.


All women in my life

I honor all the women who I've ever been in my life, my mother, my sisters, my ex-wife, my daughter and granddaughter, all the women I have shared amazing adventures, and all those who will be part of my life. I honor your: your strength, your wisdom, your passion, you nurturing, and most of all your love.
Thank you!