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Women of my youth

Women of my youth

As I lay in bed this morning I reflected back on my 20s, I know along time ago, and the three women I had deep feelings for at the time. Even though I never married any of the women, I still  have  deep loving feelings for  all three. What I'm left with is an attraction to their beauty,style,and intellect. It is interesting how our minds create a belief that carries with us for the rest of our lives. When I meet women today I have a tendency to judge them based on my history with those three women. When I see an aged version of one of those three women there is an instant attraction and a curiosity. It is interesting how our consciousness and preferences get set in “stone”. A part of me would say move on let the past go, it has no present value and relating to women. But for me, the attraction and feelings are so strong I will stick with what feels good to me.

The lesson I would share with others is, stick to your preferences till they change. The preferences are reflection of not just a mental process but also the calling of your soul.

The opening to my book on love.

My greatest fear is not fulfilling my life purpose.

My intention each day is to ask God/Source to help me find a way to fulfill my purpose, by inspiring others to live a successful life through unconditional love. I ask Source each day to live from love and not by fear and to help others to live by love and not by fear.
My mission is to; use my channeling gifts and training to inspire people to live with love and joy.   I present the wisdom of the age’s to help you raise your vibration to love, joy, and appreciation from these vibrations all things are possible to manifest. Much of this material is channeled from my spirt guides to give the Source’s thoughts on all the aspects of love.

Heal with love, is the foundation for healing. Another goal in my work is help you know how to love yourself and remove your thought patterns that hold you back from loving yourself. 

Love as the healing energy for: the individual, the family, the community, and the planet.

The goal is raising the vibration of all to the level of love. So that: compassion, respect, kindness, forgiveness, generosity of spirit, humor, trust, humility, appreciation, and empathy  are the prevailing qualities of society. In this process of writing about love I will explore all those various aspects of love in detail.God is love, so raising vibration to match that level on the individual level is necessary to loving oneself.

Therapeutic Mediations Special

Therapeutic Mediations 

How to love yourself!

Loving yourself leads to : Success, Happiness, Prosperity, Romance, Love, Joy, Fun!

It is your birthright to be love and have all you desire.

Having a special price on my sessions Now $40 for a full session of 55 minutes.

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Sessions are in person,  through video chat, or telephone.

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$60 for a full session for 55 minutes  or $30 for a half session for 25 minutes

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Readings on: How to love yourself!

Mediumship messages from loved ones, Soul readings, and Past lives readings all designed to help you remove blocks to loving yourself.

I have over 25 years experience as a professional medium and Trance Channel.

Readings are all $1.00 per minute. Contact George for an appointment; by Skype, in person, or telephone (818 599-1503) or contact me at http://www.themessenger.info 

Thoughts on words..

My latest You Tube video   


Thoughts on Words 

Words are like,

The colors and paint of an artist.

The clay and colors to a sculpture

The ingredients for a chef

The lines and curves to an architect 

Without imagination you have drab, tasteless, and boring

You have uninspiring and lifeless colors, ingredients, and words

The work of an artist is to take all those ingredients: the colors, the foods, the lines, and the words; create something that stirs emotions, brings joy,makes you feel and think 

All the senses are activated so that you have a total experience

I now realize how important it is when presenting words, to use inspired  imagination, so words  are sown together in a way that you feel challenged, inspired, and moved to love

Words send people off to war 

Words persuade someone to bed with you

Words make you laugh

Words make you cry

Words hurt or heal

Choose your words carefully, they create your experience