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End of Cycle...Beginning a New

It is an amazing time to be alive! More people than ever are asking questions which demand answers of depth. Veils which have lulled many into sleepful living are being released and lifted. And it is fitting that we are closing this year on such awakenings.

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There is a time for every purpose under heaven

   As we start the cycle once again, we begin moving through the winter. It is cold and/or rainy for a reason. It is to get us focused inside, away from the distractions out there, which continually bid for attention. As we go inside our homes, they too, are filled with distractions: the tv, the radio, things to read, and people who would like to talk. And, if we go even further inside––inside ourselves––even here we are confronted with distractions: all of the unfinished business of living is right there in our faces, reminding us of all that “needs” yet, to be dealt with.

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