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Life's Green Thumb

Gardener's with a "Green Thumb" are not just lucky.  They love the plants they are working with and give them attention. They are tuned in to when they need watering, trimming, or plant food--they truly care about these plants. And so it is with our relationships. Those relationships we nurture and give attention to--have the capacity to bloom and thrive. Although one of the tricky parts about paying attention to a relationship, is watching our mind and not letting it go off on wild tangents. Our minds have the ability to write whole scenarios, based on the skimpiest of "facts."

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It is your life...live it.

It's all about vibration--frequencies.  Every color, every sound we make or hear, and every piece of food or clothing we take to us carries a frequency.  When we listen closely, we can tell what our body, mind and spirit needs, in the way we are attracted to colors, foods, songs and friends. When we allow ourselves to be fed in this way, we begin to loose the need to stuff ourselves. Stuffing too much food, buying too many clothes, addictions of all sorts are an inner call to try and fill a void within us. And the most amazing thing is that we most times don't even bother asking what it is that the emptiness would like to be filled with.  We settle and in that settling, we become unbalanced.

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It's All About Changes..

Plato said, that we should "Be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle." Plato passed away in 347 bc, and this idea is as relevant now, as it was then.

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