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Who can guess that precise moment when the world is going to change. -- Stuart Avery Gode, Ping: A frog in search of a new pond

Who can guess when the moment of clarity will present itself--the moment when our hearts become free enough to take the required action which allows us to step away from the past and move towards our future.

Up until that "perfect" moment, the empowering moment that we know we can make a change...up until then, there is only prepatory talk, complaining and inner frustration. But, even these seem to be part of the process of change. It's like building momentum. Before a train can move, pulling its cargo behind it, it must allow energy and pressure to build, so it can begin to propell itself along the track in front of it. Only then, can the train respond to this increasing urge towards movement.

Like the phoenix, rising from its own ashes into a new beautiful bird, there are many ways people have expressed this transformation, this change from one form of being to another, from one life situation to another.

Jean Shinoda works with myth and archetypes. She probes each story of gods and goddesses to find the message that is trying to make itself known to us. She shares that the message is many times about dropping down, going into the underworld, sinking into depressions.

Then, from this place we begin to build the momentum and the desire for change. It begins with the dissatisfaction, the knowing that this is not what we are suppose to be doing...this is not where we are suppose to be. At this point, if we choose the quick way out, we run. We change the people around us, the job, the home, the situation. And then it all begins to build again.

However, during any of these reoccurring cycles, we always have the opportunity to view the pattern we are reliving and reflect upon why we keep choosing such a painful loop. Only then, when the questioning and reflecting begin, do we have a chance to change what has been happening and break the chain of events that, in the past, led us into another loop.

This can be the scary/exhilarating moment of not knowing where exactly we are headed. For it is unchartered ground. It is not one of our well-worn, familiar loops that we have played out dozens of times before. This is virgin territory...not walked before...where anything is possible. It is a place where dreams can come true. This is where we can get in touch with our "Bliss" and find the adventure it has been calling us to begin.

If you have ever read or heard a "Successful" person speak about where they have come from, you can see this pattern worked through. They were just living their life and then something happened..either a loss, a change, or a dissatisfaction. Then, from somewhere inside themself, they found the strength to follow an idea, a dream. As they took the first steps and began the forward movement, momentum began to build. And, with the momentum, doors seemed to open to them, ideas came to them, people showed up who were attracted to their dream and helped them make it a reality.

And, in each case, there was a "perfect" moment that seeded the decision towards movement and their train began moving down the track. There was a different way of thinking and looking at the situation. Then, there was change. Let this time lead you to your perfect moments...the seeds of change for which you have been longing.

Blessings, Joann Turner