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Using Tarot for Deep, Lasting, Personal Change

Anita Burns and David Lintner

6 Weeks beginning Thursday, February 16 7:30 pm

Common Ground Corona

Corona, CA

$20 per session or save by paying $100 in advance

For Reservations and info, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 941-738-8802

To Prepay, Contact Common Ground Corona 951-264-5147

Change doesn't have to take months or years of: "It's a process," or "I'm getting better." 

Real Transformation—Real change, can come in an instant, effortlessly, organically, naturally. 

That's what this class is all about. It's real, It happens, it WORKS! 

What are you waiting for? 

Stop already with the excuses, groaning, and rationalizations that have kept you stuck in forever limbo of stress, frustration, or just plain misery. 

There's no excuse . . . 

                   you CAN be better. 

You CAN make positive transitions in your life toward BEING. 

You CAN have joy and an incredible sense of wonderful like the joy you felt as a child. You know, before life got in the way! 



It's NOT a "woo woo" gadget. The Rider Waite Tarot is a deep, symbol system designed for self discovery. It speaks to your core consciousness to help you, through our method, rearrange the bugaboos that get in the way of your highest good. 

YOU choose to be in charge of your life in the way YOU direct. 

Stop being a pawn to your programming. Take charge of your life and finally get over the "stuff" that gets in the way of your balance and empowerment. BE the best you can BE! 

Haven't you wasted enough time trying to do it yourself? It's hard to change without knowing how. We give your the know-how that you can take with you and use for the rest of your life! 

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