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The Bay of La Paz & the Gulf of California
the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth.

--Home to 34% of all marine species
--Nesting grounds for 3/4 of all rare & endangered Sea Turtles

--The Bay of La Paz is home to 634 known species
...several near extinction.
--Highly endangered species transit the entire Pacific Basin to birth their young in the Gulf of California.

--Their only known birthing grounds are adjacent to a proposed major resort of which all valid
scientific studies conclude has major irreversible negative impacts on the eco-system.
--Absolutely essential to protect, preserve and restore the mangrove forests of the region
they, along with reef systems, are the primary life source for most marine species,
which also supply the entire marine chain of life.

Indigenous Peoples Prophecy

When the Mother Earth is sick
and the animals dying, there will come a tribe of peoples
from all cultures who believe in deeds, not words,
and they will restore the Mother Earth to her former beauty,
This Tribe will be called--The Warriors of the Rainbow

--Please take the time to go to this Website and fill out the petition to help these efforts.

--Read it carefully and refer to their Website for more in-depth information:

This petition requests all Mexican officials to comply with International Laws and Treaties for the protection of the numerous endangered species involved. And further requests all officials involved with administering and adjudicating International Laws and Treaties act in this case as soon as possible.

www.SafeCosmetics.org : Check out the SAFETY of any personal care product you may be using. Products are listed by company or product name, or you can do a search for particular products or ingredients. They are listed by concern for safety of ingredients: low - moderate - higher. Then you can go to the individual product to see which ingredients are under question and why.

(You will be transferred to: www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep2)

It is very interesting to see which companies are concerned with our health and well-being. Some of the most well-known seem to be putting their money into advertising, rather than improving the quality of their products. "Let The Buyer Beware"...a saying popular before government standards were developed, appears to be just as relevant today.