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 I was very fortunate, a few years back, to come across an Angel at a challenging time in my life. Angel is another word for "Messenger" and this woman has, indeed, helped many to find important key messages to their life quest.

During a Regression with her, I came to an uncomfortable part of a memory, and within the memory, a being reached out and touched my shoulder saying, "It is alright, this is just part of the agreement."

At this crucial moment, Babara Lamb* offered a priceless question, "Would you like to go to where the agreement was made?"

As soon as I heard the question, I realize that, "Yes, I needed to know more."

My internal landscape immediately changed and I was dramatically pulled into a new setting...the space around me was filled with clouds and prismed lights passing through the entire scene. There seemed to be concentrations of energy within some parts of the clouds, from which radiated the most overwhelming, wholly enveloping sense of Love I have ever encountered ("So this is what is meant by Unconditional Love," I thought to myself). My heart swelled. Tears rolled down my face, as I touched this place of HOME. From these formless Beings, whose energy was concentrated within this place, emanated a feeling of deep acceptance...an aching of understanding for my temporary human condition...acknowledgement that I was not their child, or in anyway a lesser being...but was one of them, who had just, again only temporarily, taken on a different form.

This experience has stayed with me like no other. It gives me a sense of perspective on life, that I have found no where else. I "know" there is something more than what we, here, can see...I have felt it. I have seen it. I hold it in my heart.

So, you might consider...if there is something within you which bothers you, and everytime it comes up, you push it back down--it just may carry a clue to something more. Maybe even a piece of your own personal puzzle lies within that "bothering," that just won't take "no" for an answer. It may keep at you, until you finally ask: What do you want? Why are you here? What are you trying to tell me?

When we have a Quest-ion, we are handed a journey. We are being asked to go on a quest in search of an answer...not one of those pat answers that you might read about, or one that some "teacher" may hand to you, but one you have leached out of life for yourself...one that is yours.

I take exception with those who hand over answers too quickly...whether they know or only think they know, a disservice is done to the seeker...when the answer does not come from within themselves. You can add to their gathering of information, but please don't hand over simplistic answers to such questions--it stops a process, or buries it.

Questions are personal gifts and to attain the gift, we must do the work of holding a question within us, as we continue to gather information from all sources possible...until the pieces come together and present us with the key we may not even know we had been seeking. Such keys have the potential of unlocking our deepest secrets--Who am I? Where have I come from? Why am I here? And What am I to do?

May you each discover your question.
Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner

*Barbara Lamb, M.S./M.F.T.


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