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It is an amazing time to be alive! More people than ever are asking questions which demand answers of depth. Veils which have lulled many into sleepful living are being released and lifted. And it is fitting that we are closing this year on such awakenings.

As we ready ourselves for the dawning of a new year, the old year encourages introspection...if we allow the time for it. One simple method of directing our intentions inward, begins with observing our life situations. These situations provide clues to what our higher selves are attempting to focus our minds upon.

Number one:  What are we attempting to let go of? Look at what irritates you about the people and situations you draw to you---'cause it's all for learning. Something outside of you cannot push your buttom, unless a button is there to push. The actions that make you most angry, are those with which you are struggling to release within yourself. Don't overwhelm yourself. Start with one action which has the ability to disturb your peace. Then, direct your attention from the outward symbol to the inward source of your reaction. Sit in a quiet space and dwell there with the feelings.  If you can do this, without getting up, without running to a distraction of phone, tv or food, you will begin to feel the anger, the impatience, the clouded feelings dissapate, dissolve and lift. Again, be gentle, start with something annoying and get the practice in before you go for the big challenges. Also, if you find your mind is having a challenge releasing, write about it. The writing is a way to get the feelings outside of yourself

Number two: What are you working towards drawing more of to you? Look at those whom you choose to spend time with, activities you would like to be more involved in--what uplifting feelings draw you to these? These positive attributes of both people and situations speak to the higher forces that move within you. They direct you towards your own life purpose--the reasons you are alive at this time upon the Earth. Spend time with these insights and then act upon them. Choose people and situations which give you a chance to fulfil and support these finer callings within you. Reach out and lend a hand, give a smile, say supportive words to another. In uplifting others, we uplift ourselves. You draw to you more of what flows from you.

Best wishes in your releasing all this year has brought up within to be readied for purging, and welcoming home to those inspired aspects which are claiming their place within our lives.

Christmas Blessings and End of a Cycle Blessings to you all,