Every thought that comes to us; every picture, movie, song, tv program, or conversation we choose to partake in; makes a comfy place within us, to draw more of the same to us. It's not complicated-- what we choose to surround ourselves with, both internally and externally, is the matter from which we create our lives.

We've each heard the benefits of prayer and meditation. It is said that prayer is not about trying to change God's mind, but hopefully in connecting us for a few moments to our higher source, we might release our fixation on the change we are praying for and, instead, find some peace with the situation. It is said of meditation that in taking some time to clear our heads and hearts of chaos, we may be able to walk through our lives leaving a gentler emotional footprint.

Many people have a particular time of day when they pray or meditate--morning, evening or sometime inbetween. The challenge, however, is not to wait for a certain time, but rather catch, as they are happening, any stray thoughts contrary to the way we would choose to create our lives.

This work has many names--it seems anyone who discovers it gets to give it a new name to try and make the idea fresh and alive.  But, in general, it has been around for a very long time. The work is making a conscious decision on what you will allow yourself to dwell upon and then keeping a vigilant watch for anything contrary to those thoughts. This is not about being a Pollyanna, although she did choose to dwell in a happy place and help others to see that place. It is more about the emotions and thought patterns we attach to any thoughts or happenings coming to us. If we can step away from the biting commentary our minds immediately apply to life situations, we will be free to either assist from a place of non-judgment, or walk away from a situation we choose not to become associated with. Either way, we do it from a place free of anger, rage, or other emotional baggage our unconscious minds try to dump on such occurences.

To become continually alert, means waking up from the sleepy way most generally walk through life. Awakening from our sleep is learning to live a more conscious life--conscious of the thoughts we dwell upon, conscious of how our bodies respond to foods we have either eaten, or are anticipating eating. We raise our level of awareness to include the people we choose to spend time with--are they supportive, do they gently call us on our "stuff," do we see traits in them that we respect and admire?

Having spent a week processing words and thoughts that have tumbled through me, I thought writing about it might help to clear my head. So, if you should choose such a task--which I believe is just the work of being alive--I send my love and blessings to help you through the rough spots.