As we travel through the journey of Life, we continually release one cycle, as we prepare to begin the next. The seasons reflect different aspects of our own personal cycles.

The winter is a time of quieting both our lives and our minds by going within and observing. Observing which patterns are working for us and which patterns need to be released. Winter is a time to go beneath the dissatisfactions of life. These feelings of restlessness serve to direct our minds to those areas of life where change is calling to us and attempting to rattle our cages--places where we have boxed ourselves in. So, winter is about looking and seeing what is no longer serving us, what is no longer lifting us up.

When we reach out towards a situation that we hope to embrace and it seems to be snatched from us. Stop, Look and Listen. There are no accidents. As I look back over my lifetime, I see over and over again doors that closed, only to be replaced by a much brighter open door. Small driftings from our life purpose seem to be tolerated. But, when we attempt to take a path that is in direct opposition to or which will take us too far from our reasons for being here, it is closed down to us. This is not a "bad" thing, but rather an opportunity to re-examine why one path is closed and another opens to us.

As we begin this yearly cycle once again, we move through the is cold and/or rainy for a reason. It is to get us focused inside...away from the distractions out there, which continually bid for attention. As we go inside our homes, they too, are filled with distractions...the tv, the radio, things to read, and people who would like to talk. And, if we go even further inside––inside ourselves, even here we are confronted with distractions...all of the unfinished business of living is right there in our faces, reminding us of all that "needs" yet, to be dealt with.

One of the blessings of the winter, is that we feel encouraged to review what has passed from us during the last year––to see how we have changed and grown and now look upon life anew. With this perspective, we are given a chance to evaluate all that surrounds us. We are invited to become aware of what is no longer ours and of new paths being presented to us.

In the letting go of, we can see loss or we can choose to recognize a process as old as life itself...the distilling...the settling...and the bubbling up and bringing to the top for skimming off. When we hold on so tightly to that which is of the that which no longer works for that which no longer "feels" right, we, in our tunnel vision, miss the larger picture. We veil ourselves in shadows which keep us safe from contact with new possibilities. We nurse old wounds by day, only to pick at them in the dark...for we do not mean for them to heal. For healing an old wound means we would be done with it. We would have to look past our myopic view of life to embrace a fuller set of possibilities.

And where do we get the strength to make such change, when all around us may be supporting our old life style?

There is nothing new to the formula...there is no miracle cure that someone else will set before demands choices and work upon our part. To turn a life around, it requires adequate sleep and water, sunshine, walking, healthy food, and interaction with healthy people...people who talk about ideas, instead of pain...people who will take the time to make a nourishing meal for themselves, because they know they are worth it...and they also know that neither their bodies, nor their minds, can operate correctly on anything less.

Prayer, meditation, yoga or deep breathing...these are some of the tools which are part of a healthy lifestyle, encouraging growth, self-understanding and inner-peace.

This year of 2010 becomes a "3" in the study of numbers. It gives hints to the possiblities this year holds for us. The root system of "3" stems from the meaning of multiplicity. It stands for creative power; growth. Three is a moving forward of energy, overcoming duality. It is expression, manifestation and synthesis. Three is the first number to which the meaning "all" was given. The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end.

Much has been asked of each of us, and it has taken each of these "askings" to help form who we are becoming...the dross in the gold is being burned away, so we can be malleable and more easily worked into the unique creations we have each come to be.

So, take this year to ready yourself, to build your own Triad––your body, your life, your support people around you––and discover all you are capable of becoming.

Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner