When you have a question, where do you go for the answer? Do you have a long list of authorities? books? teachers?

We each come in with a body and a spirit that carry incredible amounts of wisdom...but it is, many times, the last place we look for our truths.

Have you ever had the experience that, after someone made a statement, you intuitively knew what they said was true? It touched a place deep within you and was physically acknowledged to be something that made sense to you...you may have had an ah-ha experience of recognition.

And, again, you might have had just the opposite reaction to another’s comment––feeling an accompanying glitch inside, realizing that something was wrong with what they had just said.

These are responses that, the more we use and trust them, the stronger they become. (That is, unless they are based on past fears.) Fears veil our natural intuitive knowing with that illusion that there is something out there that can “get us.” And fears will draw to us the very thing we fear until we can somehow overcome those feelings.

It is all about trusting ourselves and reclaiming our power to know. We are also privy to inner guidance...Angels, Guides, Teachers, who are here to help us develop our intuitive knowing.

As you would ask another being or search for the answers “out there,” seek next time, an inner quest.

The key to listening, however, is based on finding a quiet place and becoming a quiet place. I find that slow, deep breathing works to settle my insides...just focusing on my in-breath and out-breath, until I feel an accompanying peacefulness...a slowing of all those bodily and mindful processes.

In this state, it is much easier to hear or sense the answers that await our questions. And, again, as we would judge the rightness or wrongness of an answer from outside ourselves, we are asked to evaluate these inside answers, too. See if you get an accompanying “Oh yes, that sounds right,” response...or a “Where in the world did that come from?” response. It is always up to us to evaluate...that is what the whole free will thing is about. We always have the freedom and responsibility of choice. And, as we are instructed in the Course in Miracles, if what we have chosen is not working, we are encouraged to “choose again.” Poor choices are to learn from...they are not to be life sentences.

In addition, just because we have received a correct answer from one source, one time or a dozen times, we must each time make sure that the new answer works for us...that it somehow “feels” right to us. Without this continual “checking and confirming,” it is all too easy to get lazy and fall back into auto-pilot––or, the “great sleep” that all really good teachers warn us about.

This is how we develop our own intuitive sense...our own ability to judge what is right for us and what is not. The more we make these stretches, the more we exercise these abilities––the stronger and more dependable they become...the quicker they can be engaged...and the more trustworthy and relevant are the answers we receive.

“Sincere inquiry always sparks
our movement towards truth.
Deep questions signal
the manifestation of
the very energy through which
we outgrow ourselves.”
––Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu

Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner