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When we can allow another to express themselves, without our judgement, a beautiful things happens.

It was 7am at the hotel complex and there she sat with her crown of graying hair, comfortalbe and at ease with herself. Her red capris pants rolled up as she enjoyed dangling her legs in the spa. And, she was not alone.

She shared this small circle of water with 2 young men, tatooed and very verbal. I watched as the two young men spoke about things important to them and she listened, occasionally contributing to the exchange--nodding approval and agreement--supporting their thoughts and ideas. They in the springtime of their lives and she in the autumn. They found themselves sharing talk and ideas and friendship spanning generations and differences only apparent to an observer. For in their world, at that moment, these two young men were being offered the gift of listening--something we each hunger for--an appreciative, attentive audience with which to share our heart felt stirrings.

When we are comfortable with ourselves, when--at no matter what age--we drop the shoulds, the judgements and the what is allowed, we cross over into a place of freedom. A place where we live in the present. We allow life to unfold and in that unfolding, we act as a magnet attracting to us opportunities to just be. Attracting those who would like to share in that safe harbor.

When we can allow another to express themselves, without our judgement, a beautiful things happens. When someone is allowed to verbalize their thoughts in a safe haven, they can actually forget about having to be careful about how they are expressing themselves and they are allowed to just talk out their ideas and their thoughts. In doing this they become very conscious of the words they are using and can begin to better evaluate their own thinking. This is when we gain new insights and even answers to questions we had been holding. We are free to reevaluate that which we have only before, held within us.

It can actually be a form of meditation...just listening to another, and releasing the need to comment on the value of what they have said.

Listening that goes beyong the words into the heart of the matter,

Love and blessings,

Joann Turner