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The Message: "You must find a focus for your energies."

Without a focus, our mind takes off--and usually not in a good way.  Our minds are just so untrained, they keep getting us into emotional turmoil. If you really enjoy drama, well then go for it.  But, if you are trying to capture some sort of peace in your life, it becomes necessary to pull in the reigns and give some direction to the flow of energy that passes through you.

Oh, you want suggestions?  Well, look to your gifts...not the Christmas ones, but the ones you are working towards pulling forth from your own being.  Where do your talents show themselves?  Do you enjoy figuring out puzzles?  Do you enjoy creating foods, or artwork or writing? Do you enjoy listening and counseling with youth, those in relations or the elderly?  Do you feel drawn to gardening, to pets, to children? What fields does your mind seem to come alive when discussing--self-development, science, spiritual insights, lending a helping hand? And many of these ideas can be drawn together to form larger arenas of possibility. 

What type of work would you "love" to do? What kind of history do you have where you have "learned" new techniques, become aware of alternative ways of working with people or information? 

It's the beginning of a whole new year. What changes would serve you and those you love? It is a year of setting standards for yourself that you want to live by. Monotony is not peace, it is just repetition. Peace is doing what needs doing as it comes up, it is being free in the moment to enjoy your surroundings and enjoy those who surround you.

Make a loving promise to yourself to change at least one thing that is not working for you.  Upgrade your life...bring some love and passion for living into the space where you dwell...both in your home and in your being.

Make room in your life for that which brings you joy. Watch for doors which are opening around you, which will further your love of life, and which will you need to pass on? Be aware. Be alert. Don't settle. Don't go back to sleep.


Joann Turner