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New Beginnings are upon us.  They are appearing all around us.  The only question is, "Which will you allow to become part of your life?"

What wonders will you choose for yourself in this coming year? The world is rich in choices and on this planet of Free Will, we are allowed to choose long arduous paths of pain and challenge to learn whatever we have come to learn, or we can take steps towards more direct paths which blossom quickly after a short time of reflection.

Having chosen them both at different times in my life, I speak from experience when I say, "The more direct path is much easier on the mind, body and emotions." It is all about releasing that which is no longer of value or supportive to the direction you want your life to take. It is about taking out the garbage...about cleaning out the closets of your home, your mind and your life.

As I spoke with my grandson, last evening, he shared with me about the new "religion" he has taken on.  It is AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Since I was only generally familiar with this transformative teaching, he talked about some of it with me.  He mentioned the deeply reflective steps, which encourages a person to look into their lives to see what patterns they are trying to cover over with alcohol, or any other addictive coping device.  Then, you write them down and work with a sponsor, someone who has been there and stepped out of the hole they had been living in. It is said that the most effective teacher is the wounded-healer--someone who can fully relate to your pain, because they have lived it.  These sponsors, can then reach out a hand to show you a tried and true direction that, if you so choose, will lift you out of your present pain and feeling of helplessness.

He shared that what impressed him as much as the program, was the commitment to mutual support attendees make. He said the stories of a simple telephone call which repeatedly brings assistance on whatever level you may be struggling--car trouble, need a ride, family trauma--completely drew him into this group which practices what they believe on a daily basis.

I am proud beyond words of the direction this young man is taking and for the effect it is already having on all those around him. His bright, thoughtful and investigative nature is serving him well, as he commits to a life style that will lift both himself and his sweet daughter into a new life.

It is there, all around us--new choices, new opportunites to see the world in a different way, to live a life you may not have even thought possible. Are there areas of your life that you would like to release? Are there patterns that are no longer serving you? Would you like to awaken to the morning with a smile on your face and go to bed in the evening with a lighter heart? Look around you, when you make a decision for change, doors open, people make themselves known to you who can show you a new direction, a new beginning.

With Love and Blessings for a Truly Happy New Year,

Joann Turner