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Man is entering into a time of respect for the many gifts that Nature offers to us.  Product and building developers are beginning to look to Nature to see how she handles design challenges. Such insights have shown to be without the accompanying toxicity of some of our manmade solutions. www.AskNature.com

At the website:  www.AskNature.com, those who are working with developmental problems can type in their questions and either receive solutions, or discuss with others regarding insights they may have discovered or are researching.

Here is the type of information they offer--and, of course much more.

"Trees and bones achieve an even distribution of mechanical tension through the efficient use of material and adaptive structural design, optimizing strength, resilience, and material for a wide variety of load conditions. For example, to distribute stress uniformly, trees add wood to points of greatest mechanical load, while bones go a step further, removing material where it is not needed, lightweighting their structure for their dynamic workloads. At the scale of the cell, trees arrange fibers in the direction of the flow of force, or principal stress trajectories, to minimize shear stress. Engineers have incorporated these and other lessons learned from trees and bones into software design programs that optimize the weight and performance of fiber-composite materials. For example, car parts and entire cars designed with these principles have resulted in new vehicle designs that are as crash-safe as conventional cars, but up to 30% lighter."

Just wanted to share this very special website with you. Hope your holidays are developing well. Thank you so much for your support. We are updating The Messenger weekly, and sometimes daily, for your enjoyment and enrichment.

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