A friend told me about a type of meditation and mindset that could let you control your dreams, what is this called, and what are some tips to  achieving it?  --Laura

I have not heard of a specific meditation to control dreams, but more a process in that meditation practiced regularly will help one to quiet the mind, and so get more in touch with the inner you, and your subconscious.

Dreams develop when our subconscious wants to get a message across to us and also when there is a desire to tie up loose ends that we did not seem to finish in our awakened state.  Also, we can occassionally get prophetic dreams that can help prepare us for changes.

So, without trying to give a name to this meditation, I could suggest a practice of quietening your mind for little spaces during the day...one easy and quick way to do that is to focus on your breath. Close your eyes and take a long, slow, deep breath. Focus on how you are breathing. Are your lungs and abdomen expanding?

Do this three times and you will have taken in enough additional oxygen to help relax your body and mind. It also, allows for clearer thinking.

Then, while you are preparing for bed--and after you have taken your three long, slow, deep breaths--place an idea in your head, or a question.
The last thing we think about at night can help to direct our dreams.

Then the tricky part is remembering the dream or information you want to remember. If you awaken during the night, you need to write down anything you were dreaming about...and write down what you were dreaming about when you awaken in the morning.  SO, keep a pen and pad near your bed. Sometimes, when you are coming out of a dream space, your may judge what you remember as not very important.  But, write it down anyways...everything you can remember.  Then, when you are fully awake, read it over and see if anything offer clues to you on either the question you asked before falling to sleep, or some other aspect of you life.

Good luck. The more you practice becoming aware of your dreams the more you will actually find yourself aware, while in your dream, that it
is a dream and that's where the actual control comes in. At that point you have the ability to make changes while you are dreaming, by being aware that
it is a dream and when you think something different, it can occur.

This is practice for when we become aware that such "thought changes" can also be possible and have the ability to effect change in our awaken states.

Thanks for writing,
Joann Turner