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Plato said, that we should "Be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle." Plato passed away in 347 bc, and this idea is as relevant now, as it was then.

The more involved I become in other people's lives, the more I see the calamities that are befalling each of us.  It seems any challenges you may have been working with are now prepared to flare up in your face magnified so that you don't miss them. Enough of the subtle hints from the Universe--you now have big time stuff that you are working through, or not.  Trouble is, if you decide to not work through it, it just seems to keep getting bigger each time it loops back around.

I have been wading through several large changes of my own--ones that affected my work, living space and love ones. And in the middle of it all, I may have had a not so gentle case of the swine flu.  When at a point where I felt broken, where I hardly had the energy to try again, I gave in and handed it all over to God--letting go of everything, knowing life had gotten to be more complicated than I could figure out.  And, then asked one simple thing, "Please let me know what is the most important thing to do next."  I asked that the answer be as specific as possible and what I "heard" was to reach out and address each door as it opened--consider everything that was offered and see which ideas and offers began to develop into practical answers. 

And so, several months later, I have taken The Messenger newspaper fully online--no more printed editions. This was a huge change, but is beginning to work out well.  I can update it daily, as opposed to bi-monthly, and readership has tripled. All newspapers and magazines are experiencing challenges, and many are turning to online versions, which, for me, has been the lifting of a huge challenge.

I now have a roommate--a teacher from a local college--who is bright, cheerful, and peaceful. She is such a blessing in my life, and pays half the rent. Wow, what a concept!

And, as far as family is going, I am backing away from doing too much for too many. In the meantime, I have begun reclaiming gifts that I had put on hold to take care of other's needs.  It is a thrill to have sessions with clients and students, teach classes and offer insight to people who are truly interested in hearing them! I have worked with writers for years, and will now, also, be teaching writing locally at the Village Book Store, in Glendora, CA.

Two months ago, my world was being torn apart, and today, it is being rebuilt in a manner that makes it more fun to be alive. Remember, It sometimes appears to be darkest before the dawn.  If you are at some point along this maze of change, where you are not sure which way to turn--release it, hand it over to God to Spirit and pay attention to the suggestions that are coming your way. They may come from a book, another person, a billboard, a thought.  Just consider which ones you can actually act upon and try not to judge any of the alternatives too harshly.  Our old patterns come up at such a time to negate anthing new.  And this time is about NEW--New ways of thinking, New ways of living your life, New ways of being involved in the world.

Hope your world is coming back together for you in a manner that feeds and supports the highest and best within you.

With Love and Blessings,

Joann Turner