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It's all about vibration--frequencies.  Every color, every sound we make or hear, and every piece of food or clothing we take to us carries a frequency.  When we listen closely, we can tell what our body, mind and spirit needs, in the way we are attracted to colors, foods, songs and friends. When we allow ourselves to be fed in this way, we begin to loose the need to stuff ourselves. Stuffing too much food, buying too many clothes, addictions of all sorts are an inner call to try and fill a void within us. And the most amazing thing is that we most times don't even bother asking what it is that the emptiness would like to be filled with.  We settle and in that settling, we become unbalanced.

Pay attention--when you walk out the door, what colors catch your eye? Do you stop to smell a flower that you glance at? Do you pick out foods at the market or in a restaurant, by rote, or do you see where your attention waunders--the greens look good today, or the red tomatoes, or a bright orange, or yellow bananas?  They are each trying to address the needs we carry about with us. Before you start buying, take three long slow deep breaths (the very process of drawing more oxygen into your body, actually changes your blood chemistry, calming the mind, putting you more in touch with your senses.) It puts you into a more receptive state of mind to make better choices for yourself and those you care about.

And besides food and clothing, what about how you spend your time?  When you take a slow deep breath, what would you like to do with an hour here or 15 minutes there?  Take a walk, a run, clean out a drawer--get rid of that which is no longer serving your, but only taking up room in your life. How does it make you feel to drive a car that has been cleaned out, a windshield that you can look through easily, an office or a bedroom that is not so cluttered that it is hard to sleep or concentrate when needed.

When you make decisions about what is important in your life, you are reaffirming your being, you are telling the world and spirit that you care about yourself...that you are important. And if you can do this, both Life and Spirit will meet you more than half way...watch as opportunites begin to open to you.

It is your life--live it.