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 And with that touch she settled down again.

A wonderful young lady entered my life this month.

Hallie Grace is hardly a week old and has come into this world with struggles galore. Doctors had presented gloomy prospects to her parents, who spent a very long 8 months anxious for her arrival. And she arrived pink and beautiful and very full of life. Just after she was born, my Son and I went to visit her at Queen of the Valley Intensive Care unit for babies.

She was laid out under a warming light and, after much scrubbing, we were allowed to touch her...touch...human touch. I have read how children who have been deprived of it do not grow at the same rate of other children...and so, we sat/stood and just touched her arms, her legs and talked to her.

Those who are so young, and those who are very sick, and those who are unconscious...do they hear us?..do they feel us?...do they know when we express our love to them?

After about an hour, a young man came into run a test and my Son and I moved back so he could work. Hallie started crying. I saw that he did not need access to her arm nearest me. I asked if I could touch her while he did his test. He said it would be okay. And with that touch she settled down again. The nurse who was watching told me the next day she did the same thing on another test for Hallie...and, sure enough, she quieted right down with that simple touch.

Crisis seems to bring out what people are made of...and those surrounding this sweet family are made of very special stuff. They are Mormon and one of my Son’s friends drove over to the hospital in the middle of night and joined him in giving a blessing to Hallie. There they stood with dim lights all around...two strong young men...placing their hands on her so tiny head. They spoke their pieces...their words of support and encouragement to this new little life...they looked like two very strong Angels flanking this precious gift...I felt so blessed to be able to witness this intense sharing.

And there were others...so many others, who took laundry to do, who brought dinners, who watched the other children...the other grandmother and myself took turns making “milk runs” (so, Hallie would have the benefit of Mother’s milk from the very beginning.)

On the fourth day, Mom was released and able to bond with her newest child...this little life whom she had only been able to hold for a minute, before they took her away to the other hospital. My Son taped the re-union...he calls it “First Contact.”

Hallie should be coming home soon, so if you have some extra prayers or affirmations or any such words of encouragement to say to the Universe, to Spirit, to God...they would be appreciated.

Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner