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Many of us vacillate between quiet desperation and joyous living--allowing outside circumstances to intrude on the inner-peace which we may have eked out for ourselves.

Given all that is happening in our world, there is much in our outer circumstances that is trying to intrude upon any sense of peace we may try to live from.

If anger rages within us, yea, even righteous anger, we are at once removed from our ability to think clearly. With anger, we go into sheep mode...either easily led by another more dominant, more persuasive voice, or by our own misplaced anger stuffed from another time and another place.

Anger is funny like that. It is not event specific. It lies there beneath the facade of civilized man/woman...waiting...waiting for any excuse to pour forth. So, be aware, if we are having an inappropriate response, we can bet that we have just had a button pushed, whose roots can be traced to a place in our past. We are admonished to sort through such feelings and clear them (Feelings buried alive never die). Few of us however take the time to root out all such feelings...and so they lie in wait.

There is a belief that what we draw to us is a reflection of what is going on inside. So, if we do not resolve a challenge or problem while it is inside of us, it seems to move into our outer world for easier viewing.

This is definitely a time when each of us are being called upon to look into our hearts...what are we carrying there? What feelings are we harboring there? In my Yoga classes, at the end...when everyone is lying quietly and breathing deeply...one of the things I have participants do is to feel the PEACE that their body has come into, after all the physical stretching and deep breathing that they have been doing. They are to feel it within their bodies...within their hearts...and to project it, radiate it, outward into the world. It is a small thing, but I feel it moves us in a more positive direction towards bringing peace into our world. Remember to check your heart each day...take some slow, deep breaths...and feel the PEACE within you. Then radiate it outward into the world.

One conscious individual, who intentionally chooses and radiates PEACE, can change his or her environment. It’s something we can DO. Something that will not cause harm. And may very well help.

Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner