While on my journeys, I have come across a very wide span of beliefs...ideas that are working for people. Some I found too constrictive for me and others were far too broad or “fringie” to work for me. But of all the ideologies to which I was exposed, two stand out in my mind as very strong representatives of truth...and they are, seemingly, in direct opposition to each other. Both seem to make sense.

On one hand we have those who would be causes for change. And heaven knows the current world situations are fuel enough to push all who would ask for change, to take action. I have spoken with those who have not voted for years, who are up in arms and want to make their voices heard...we can stand for this no longer... There now, let me cool down.

On the other hand, there is the belief that everything is happening for a higher purpose...and that our path is to be the unemotional observer, being of assistance when we can. Ultimately, however, our “work” is to be at peace so our decisions and actions can reflect a “calm, level head.” We are to treat catastrophe and jubilation equally and without fanfare.

One of my heroes is Ghandi...I believe he walked a line between these two ideologies. He was not detached, and was a force in the world. He came from a place of inner peace to create change––steady change, without guns, without violence. He found a way to inspire confidence and create change in his world. Because of this little man in a loin cloth and his persevering ways of peaceful resistance, Britain gave India its independence.

Ghandi would seem to provide a middle ground between my two beliefs. A middle way would demand a peaceful heart and inner calm, while standing for your belief and taking peaceful action to support that belief. I think the key lies in the fact that we need to represent what we believe in such a fashion that it does not condemn another. It is not “unemotional” but, rather, above emotion––using the ability to see from the mountain top...a view of the larger picture. When we can see all sides, and still hold our peace, a way opens before us. A path heretofore covered over with emotions, condemnations and judgement cries of “right” and “wrong”.

When we stand in peace...a peace we have nurtured from the inside, it radiates outward and we begin attracting the solution that fits the circumstance. In asking and knowing that a perfect solution is possible, enough people focusing on that knowing will help it come to pass.


Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner