Are you sensing a speeding up? Are you feeling an anxiousness around you that is calling to be addressed?

What can all this forward racing possibly mean? There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by, that is not stuffed to the brim with either my “important” work, or the “emergencies” and requests of those I know. I begin a day with plans...ha. (You want to make God laugh, tell ‘em your plans.)

I realize there are whole groups of people and even businesses which use goal setting as the tools for directing their lives, but right now, I am barely getting out of the way, while life is rushing itself around me––asking me for choices and then pushing all the rest to the side. Something is definitely in the air and so much dust is being stirred up that it’s hard to see five minutes down the road.

A class I took a long time ago comes to mind “Clarification of Values.” It seems so appropriate for this time in history––not only in relationship to those out there, on the edge of our senses––but to each of us personally, at our very innermost being.

As time begins to speed up, we need to realize what we value most and make choices appropriate to those values––particularly, in how we allot the minutes of these precious days. Or, we may find ourselves spinning in a whirlwind, as one situation after another calls for our attention, finishing each day with the sad knowledge that those people and projects closest to our hearts, have not been addressed.

I finally had a chance to see, “Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets.” Towards the end of the film, the wise old Dumbledore, Richard Harris, tells Harry, “It’s not our abilities that show who we are––it is our choices.” I believe this phrase captures these times, courageously. Choices are before us which call upon every ounce of wisdom and experience within us. Even going beyond wisdom and experience into trust, into hope, and into knowing that what we do and say here, WILL make a difference. (Sorry, Mr. Lincoln.)

What passions burn within your heart? What projects call to your senses? What groups of people do you find yourself reaching out to?

Put yourself back into your life...stop being an observer and begin to participate...find out what lights a fire within you and give it some of those precious minutes or hours.

Here is a good test of how much of You is really in your life:

• What do you talk about with friends?

• What do you talk about with strangers?

• Does the bulk of your interactions pertain to what someone else is doing? Or, is your talk liberally peppered with projects you are working on, insights you have gleaned, or ideas that have captured your imagination?


To quote an anonymous quoter:
Small minds talk about people.
Ordinary minds talk about things.
Great minds talk about ideas.


Each of us have gifts, innate to us. We carry ideas within our souls that are seeds to our own possibilities. You will know them by your response to them. When you feel a stirring inside while viewing, reading or hearing pictures, books, conversations, road signs...whatever...Pay Attention! These are the clues dropped upon you, the bread crumbs left as a trail back home...back to a place beyond remembering...back to that place where embers are being kept alive, awaiting your choices to ignite them into a flaming passion...into your purpose for being here.

The following quote from Good Morning Vietnam, paints a dreary picture to the above alternative:

“While I was lying there, my whole life passed before my eyes. And you know what scared me more than anything else? It wasn’t even interesting.”

Don’t let this happen to you...Live your dream!

Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner