I find it incredibly delicious, to step back and watch life open to me. Any time we step out of our patterns, we are privie to watching life with new eyes.


It would seem we seek out patterns in our lives...patterns to try and make sense out of our existence. We divide our days and nights into sections of time...like some ongoing appointment book with lines for each segment of the day...we pencil in eating patterns, sleeping patterns, school/work patterns and even free time patterns. Whenever we are in a position where those patterns are disrupted, we may initially become disoriented or upset. But, when the dust settles, if we are open to the experience, we get to peak outside the “box.” That box within which our life had been very neatly functioning.

This can happen when we travel and realize customs we take for granted, may not be shared in another area of the country or world. Or something so simple as spending time with a new friend, and watching how their patterns are different from our own.

Outside of those patterns, something else occurs–– the interesting phenomena of synchronicity.

Although I have had this experience many times, I am always a bit overwhelmed and in awe of how life is put together to bring kindred souls together...one who has a surplus in a particular area and one who has a need in that very area....or when we struggle with a question and finally ask for help, and that help appears in the most ordinary of circumstances. If we aren’t paying attention, we may write it off as an “accident.” But, if we are paying attention, we know there is no such thing as an accident and we marvel at the strings that were pulled to bring all the pieces together to make this little miracle occur. If you have some synchonistic miracles you would like to acknowledge...please write or e-mail me.

They are all around us, you know...happening every day...some small, like finding the gift of a beautiful Raven feather in our own backyard...some extraordinarily large, like finding a new friend in the strangest of circumstances.

When the Masters have told us to “wake up” from our sleep...I think this is part of what they were talking about. When we see this synchronicity in life, we begin to realize the oneness of it all...that all manner of things have to work synchronistically for what we call “a miracle” to occur. When I was feeling sluggish and asked for help...I was beset by Dandelions growing in my yard. After the frustration of tryng to dig them all out, I looked up Dandelion roots and found they help the liver, so that one does not feel so sluggish. When I was in a situation which was breaking down my self-esteem, I noticed a skunk walking through my yard...and later in the day, both my sisters used the word “skunk” in sentences--not a normal part of their conversation. So, I thought that it was time to pay attention. When I looked up Skunk in Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak, I found it stands for Respect and Self-esteem. And realized when the Universe takes time to get your attention to remind you that your life is off-course, well, it is time to make some changes.

I remember a time when I was on the road in 1991...on my way from Sedona, Arizona to Montreal, Canada. I realized that I had an extra day before I had to be in Montreal. I had heard of the adventures of some friends who took the time, when they were out on the road, to ask for a Universe guided adventure. So, I thought this was a perfect time to ask for a one day adventure. Almost immediately, I felt urged to turn off at the next exit. I drove into town, but there didn’t seem to be anything that I was being pulled towards. I headed back towards the freeway, thinking that I must have just been in my head...and not trusting in the process very much. But, just before I got back on the freeway, a hitch-hiker was walking out to the road. I stopped and talked with him for a minute. He was a Lakota Indian, going back to his home in South Dakota. I ended up giving him a ride. I talked about coming from Sedona...a place where I connect with that rich red earth and the peaceful feeling of walking upon it. Such talk opened him up to talk of his similar feelings about his home in South Dakota. I looked at my map and realized that if I drove straight north to South Dakota, instead of diagnonally towards Montreal, that it would take one extra day. So, I figured I had received what I asked for and drove him home. When we arrived in his home town, he showed me the monument of Crazy Horse that was being constructed out of a mountain and spoke to me about the meaning of Crazy Horse to the Lakota. Along the way, I also learned a little about Lakota thinking. All in all, it was an amazing adventure! When we pay attention, we can make time in our life for an adventure. It is the stuff from which dreams and memories are made. It is about living in the present...and acknowledging and appreciating both the doors that open and close around us.


Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner