Your body, mind and spirit need replenishing. They need peace and they need joy. We each require down time...special time to do something nice for ourselves.

During a recent time of stress, I decided to put some idle hours to good use and planted a garden outside my back door. Around an archway, I planted an assortment of Morning Glories. It helped to calm me at the time and gave life to seeds which had been sitting on a shelf for several years. I was not even sure if they would still germinate, but I soaked them overnight and took a chance!


As small green shoots broke through the soil and began winding their way around the arch, my heart was lifted…then, as I stepped outside one morning, this new life started revealing gifts of colorful flowers. And, again just yesterday, an added benefit––I see that these flowers have begun attracting hummingbirds.

All this beauty and life right outside my own back door...from seeds which had been waiting patiently to be plante. All this from taking time from a “too busy” schedule to spend a couple hours with the earth in my own backyard.

So, how about you? Do you have some “seeds” that have been patiently waiting to be planted, so as to contribute new growth and joy to your life?

They may not be traditional “seeds,” but rather ideas which have been set on the shelf to be acted upon at another time...when life is not so busy. Well, guess what? That busy life you are leading, is busy because you have chosen it...and it doesn’t get any quieter, either inside your head or inside your house, until you make some changes.

Here’s a test...make a list of five things you enjoy doing. When was the last time you did any of them? If it has been too long...your life is due for an overhaul.

You know that resting on the 7th day––whenever that 7th day might fall for you––is not just a nice thing to do. Your body, mind and spirit need replenishing. They need peace and they need joy. We each require down time...special time to do something nice for ourselves.

Any good relationship counselor will suggest a regular “date” night to help keep two people remembering what it is like to just laugh with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Well, you have a relationship with yourself that needs such maintenance, also.

Another suggestion: keep a note pad handy, when you get ideas of something that would be fun or entertaining or just relaxing, jot them down. Gather whatever would be necessary for a couple of the ideas and have them handy for your next time of self-relating. Otherwise, when the time becomes free, and nothing is available to do, it is way to easy to just keep on working or turn on the TV or settle into any rut of your choosing.

Make sure to make that “date” time for yourself...schedule some time and then stick to it, make your own time as important as anyother appointment in your book. It is not to be bumped off your calendar for someone else’s “needs.” Let your needs become as important as anyone else’s needs. Otherwise you are really not of much use to them or yourself when you start running down.

I have several lady friends who are givers...their personalities demand it and their jobs support it. After taking care of everyone else and not leaving much time for themselves, they end up crashing and burning several times a year. It might look like a case of the flu, or some clearing, or energy exhaustion...whatever name it goes by, it is just Spirit’s way of telling us to stop and take some time out for ourselves.

I’d be interested in learning what you do or plan on doing for diversion...what seeds have been setting on your shelf way to long? What ideas have been set aside only to make themselves known now?

Love & Blessings,
Joann Turner