...when what we think, say and do are in alignment with each other, there is no room for pretense.

He came into the world accompanied by his sister, Erin--in a large family they were inseparable--living in a world only multiple births know.

And now, they are both grown and marrying...their wedding dates only five months apart. Thomas has married Megan--who is as warm as she is lovely.

As I walked through the reception area at Megan’s family home, I was mesmerized by the poster-sized photos of the couple, spotlighting different moments in each of their lives.

altIt served to introduce me to Megan--who looks like a young Uma Thurman-- and relive memories of Tom.

If there is one word to introduce you to Thomas, it would be “guileless.” My daughter-in-law, Arlene, suggested it  and is a perfect word for him.

For Thomas is in complete oneness with his body, mind and spirit. With him, there is no pretense, or ever has been. His all encompassing honesty, his profound sense of integrity and his magical capacity for wonder and humor permeate his life. This easy-going young man, is comfortable just being himself.

Plus, from this base, he allows each person to be whomever they have chosen to be, at that point in their development. There is no judgement on his part, only acceptance. He is whom I strive to be.

I watched as Tom walked through the crowd of guests, he moved with a deep sense of respect and caring for each person present, many of whom he had never met before. He would stop a moment to exchange a few words and give a hug--checking to make sure everyone was comfortable and his keen sense of humor delighting all.

When we come to a place where mind, body and soul are one...when what we think, say and do are all in alignment with each other, there is no room for pretense. We respond in all situations from the same base, the same understanding. We do not have to “become” someone different for the wide assortment of life experiences in which we find ourselves. We do not have to worry whether what we have said or did is appropriate, for we operate from our truth and there can be no other response for us, than the one from which we have acted.

Thomas, as you step into this new arena of life with Megan, I know you will retain these amazing qualities to assist you both through your growing experiences--helping to bring you closer together, and fulfilling whatever work you have each come to do.

Blessings,  Joann Turner
(AKA: Grandma Jo)

Since I admire these qualities so greatly, I know that somewhere inside, I own them, too. Just waiting and watching for them to more fully kick into gear. Note: you can’t appreciate a quality in another, that you don’t already carry the seeds of within yourself.