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The elder then shared that once you learn how to work with the tool, you no longer need it, because you will have learned what the tool has to share with you.

As we walk through our lives, we notice different aspects of our surroundings--when we are ready for them. With coffee in hand, my friend Kris and I, take our morning walks. As we talk and share ideas, we notice the peacocks and the beautiful tail spreads, we notice the abundance of fruit the trees offer, we smile at those we meet on the pathway we walk that day.  And, we don’t see any of these, or the numerous other things that occur, as ends in themselves. We see them as enrichments to our walk.

Just as we walk our own paths of spiritual development, we get to know ourselves at a deeper, more significant level. We stop seeing ourselves as victims and begin to see how we interact with all that occurs in our lives. We start watching the gifts that flow to us and become aware as to how they begin developing in our own consciousness--in our own lives.

As we learn to trust our own intuition, it becomes stronger, as we begin to trust our inner knowing, we start making better choices--thus, our lives start unfolding in a more beneficial manner.

Early on in my studies, I was taken with the information that in India, some students of spirituality, receive different gifts. These might include the ability to close down the senses to lay on a bed of nails, or the ability to go into a trance and levitate, or the ability to mesmerize a snake with the music and swaying of a horn. These gifts deal with levels of awareness. And, what many times happens is we get distracted--especially, if we can make a living practicing one of these areas that has opened to us.

Making enough money, can bring us to a state of comfort. A state where we don’t feel the need to delve further into our studies. A place where we linger and hesitate in continuing along our original path of intent. 

In America, we are offered an incredible number of tools on our spiritual pathways. The tools serve us, in that they come to us at a time in our development, when we may not have the confidence to claim our own abilities or wisdom to acknowledge the Spirit that flows through us and is part of our being. Tools are a means, not an end in themselves.

I recall an amazing passage in The Tracker, about the boyhood training received by Tom Brown. An indian elder, “Grandfather” had been training Tom, along with his own grandson. At one point, Tom noticed that the teacher showed them how to use many “things” but, he himself, used none of them in his practices. The elder then shared that once you learn how to work with the tool, you no longer need it, because you will have learned what the tool has to share with you. And the tool can be an important step in the learning process.

This insight helped me to see all that I was learning were pieces of a larger puzzle, and none of them were completed works within themselves.

Whatever tools you may be working with, remember, you became attracted to that tool to teach you something about who you are--to deepen an understanding which already resides within you.

For You are the Ultimate Tool!

Blessings,  Joann Turner