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Joann Turner

 Time--a basis of all human endeavor. We live our lives by it. What time is it? What is expected of me right now?

There is so much talk, discussion and internet babble as to what is going on in the world, on planet Earth, right now. There are those who extract each incident from the daily news and attempt to match it to a corresponding prediction or negative tiding.

While on one hand, we are being asked to be conscious of the thoughts in our minds and the words and actions coming from us--for they are mirrors of what we are drawing to us; on the other hand, it is very easy to get caught up in this world in which we live––noticing the very high drama and fear which seems to radiate from the many anxious minds trying to convince us of their corridor of truth.

At some point, it would seem reasonable to step back, take a slow deep breath, and just let go of these ramblings. Taking a moment--some of that aforementioned time--and bring ourselves to a place of quiet.

From this point of peace, we can begin again with a fresh perspective and a clearer mind. And, each time we find ourselves caught up in the specter of another�s fear, we stop, step back, and with another deep breath, begin yet again.

It is not done...it is never done, but becomes a continual practice which follows us through our days, through our relationships, our readings, our discussions, our thoughts. To find the peace in each moment, allows us to more clearly think through our actions and our decisions.

So, when we make decisions for ourselves and our loved ones, those decisions will come from a place that honors us. Not made from a place of fear, but from a space of love and gratitude for who we are and where we find ourselves at this moment.

Being that love and gratitude are two of the most powerful emotions to emanate from us––and, of themselves, have the ability to set change into action––when we operate from this space, our thoughts and accompanying words and actions are filled with and strengthened by these powerful forces.

There are writings in this issue about a net of "light" and about "light" columns sent into places of darkness or troubled spots on the earth or even into our lives.

Light is synonymous with clearing the debris from our homes, our minds, our emotions and thinking. Light opens the doors to bring in fresh perspectives. When we speak of a "net of light," we are talking about holding a mental thought of people remembering their link to everyone and everything present upon this Earth. We are seeing us all connected and whatever I think and feel goes out across this net to touch all else. Without anger, without violence, I can help change that which is happening in my world that I don't care for. By being continually aware of the essence of my thoughts, words and actions, I am sending a higher wave out over the net. I light up the place where I take hold of the two threads of the net that cross and lead out to the rest of the whole. Choose now...Be a Light! It's Time.

Blessings, Joann Turner

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