The power to question is the basis of all human progress. ––Indira Gandhi

This editorial is in response to an email from JV in regards to a comment made in an article, in the The Messenger.

The idea presented in the article was one of paying attention to the music to which we are listening and its effects upon our bodies. All went well, until the author used Dr. Emoto's work with water crystals to make a point. The author stated, "heavy metal and rap music creates the blobs that are associated with polluted bodies of water." JV took exception to such a generalized statement. She sent emails to both the author and myself, questioning this statement.

First to address this issue directly. Massaru Emoto, in his book "The Message from Water," introduces a very large picture of what appears to be a shattered crystal. The label on the picture is, "A Heavy Metal Music." He does not give the name of the song, but does go on to give a brief explanation of this particular song's content in very fine print: "This music is filled with anger and seems to be denouncing the world. Subsequently, this crystals' basic well-formed hexagonal structure has broken into perfect pieces (appears to be a partially melted circular pattern crystalline structure.) The water seems to have reacted negatively to this music. We are not saying that heavy metal music is bad, only that there must have been a problem with the lyrics. This is merely an example."

Emoto was trying to offer an example and not make a statement on Heavy Metal music in general. I have not found any work from Massaru on Rap music.

The problem here, (and I was guilty of this, too) seems to lie in our looking at the picture and making up our minds without reading the fine print explanation.

Our world is on the brink of change. If we are to hope for a better tomorrow, it is extremely important we each awaken more fully to the world around us. JV's questioning brought clarification that was missing. Don't just accept the words of another. The art of questioning and then asking for clarification and back up evidence for another's opinion is crucial.

In an election year, such questioning is of utmost importance. The blind acceptance of another's words are paramount to being a traitor to our own highest purpose for being here at this time in our Earth's history.

Critical thinking and questioning is in alignment with the Socratic Method of learning. Socrates gave thoughtful questions to his students to encourage them to delve more deeply within themselves for their answers. Of course, he was condemned to death by that government. So, there's that.

But his students went on to change history. You've probably heard of his student Plato, who taught Aristotle, who taught Alexander the Great.

Thank you JV for reminding us to always question, instead of giving blind acceptance.

Blessings, Joann Turner