What one thing can we choose to examine for potential change--something that holds the possibility to make a difference in the way our lives unfold?

Self-growth in a New Year

We each have patterns which are so much apart of who we are that it is difficult to separate them from "us" for viewing. My own particular favorite (favorite in that I have worked on it for so long), is the ability to see what is mine to do, and what is work that belongs to another.

My own grown children tell me in a very loving (and well practiced tone), "Mom, I can handle this."

The Universe, realizing my kids have learned their lesson, even though I haven't, continues to find ways to send judgment ladened challenges to me.

It would seem the three major keys to such a lesson is: 1) Quiet your mind and your mouth, if the lesson belongs to another. They may like your support, they do not need or desire your judgments on what you think they "should" do. 2) Stay AWARE, so you realize when you are about to step into judging another or their situation and 3) Redirect your attention inward to see which of your buttons are being pushed. There is where your actual work awaits you.

I went to a card reader quite awhile back and asked her opinion of a man coming into my life. She went ballistic. Part way through the tirade, I realized her "counseling" had nothing to do with me or this man, but was, in fact, a button that had been pushed regarding her issues with men...if only I could see my own buttons so clearly.

In my studies, I have found a couple different ways to work with Change. We are each here to experience people and situations that make us reach deeper within to our ever-changing state of becoming.

In one scenario, you catch a judgment after it tumbles from your lips...then, you catch it while you are saying it...next, you catch it in your mind and have the choice as to whether to say it or not. And, one glorious day, you may actually realize you no longer even think that form of judgment--you have rid yourself of such a pattern.

Another way to work with Change was suggested in the writings of George I. Gurdjeiff. He shares that when we see something we would like to change about ourselves, don't go immediately for "the change." Instead, we are to observe ourselves, in a fully conscious state, as we repeat an outgrown pattern. When we play through such a pattern in a state of total awareness, we will not repeat it again, for the new painful memory of doing it while awake, far outweighs the old comfortable process of doing it while we are in a numbing, hypnotic state, we used to call life.

Good luck to you in your on-going challenges to awaken to the beautiful person you are here to be.

Blessing, Joann Turner