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Go where your
heart leads you...

One of the toughest and also most gratifying things I do is review incoming articles. Sometimes its easy. Those writings that would touch your heart, inspire your life or lift your thinking to a new level--these are no-brainers, because you know this type of writing demands to be shared. It makes us better people just reading it and allowing our insides to respond to its message.

The more challenging writings are those which have a cause attached to them. Causes are interesting...they are the work we are each pulled towards to draw the best from us. Causes touch our hearts and call to us to give of ourselves, our time, our money. Causes help us reach down within to find the best within us...to extend ourselves outwards towards others.

The challenging part about causes is that we are not all drawn to the same ones. I remember reading of the incredibly wise response Mother Teresa would share with those who were so deeply affected by spending time around her and helping in India. There were many who wanted to give up everything to work in this environment beside her--helping the poor. She would tell them to take what they had learned there, to take what had been awakened within them and to return to their own lands and use these powerful feelings to make a difference in their own communities. She never tried to tell them, "Do what I do," but rather, "Go where your heart leads you," as she had done.

So, occasionally I print cause-related articles and websites--not that you should go do the thing that is written about...unless you are called to, of course--but rather as an example of what others are being led to do; how others are finding their passion in the world.

Any time we are shaken out of a complacent life style to follow our hearts, we may appear as if we have gone "mad" to friends and associates who feel they know us.

We may feel drawn to attend meetings and gather with others to try and discover how to make a difference in our community.

We may feel as if we are guided to make food and distribute it and blankets or clothing to the homeless.

We may be pushed to go to another country to help and in doing so, discover even more about ourselves.

We may feel it is time to give up everything we own and head out backpacking and hitchhiking around the country to discover what it is we are driven to do. (Whoops, that was me.)

Whatever your heart whispers to you, wherever it leads you, trust there is a well, being uncovered within you. A well filled with a nectar that will feed you and, through you, feed others.

In following my passion, I founded The Messenger, which is now celebrating its 10th year in print. It has greatly enriched my life and, occasionally I hear, the lives of others.

Follow your Bliss...
Blessing, Joann Turner