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...Enlightenment is to transcend the two extremes and enter into non discriminating wisdom."

The Vimalakirti Sutra says:

"...Enlightenment is to transcend the two extremes
and enter into non discriminating wisdom.
If you can understand this doctrine,
then, during all your activities
you should simply maintain awareness
of your fundamental Pure Mind.
Do this constantly and fixedly, without generating
false thought or the illusion of personal possession.
Enlightenment will thus occur of itself."

There was an emptiness inside...and half way to the phone, looking to call for a distraction, I stopped. I thought, "I am looking outward to fill an inner hole, instead of going inward to see what is calling to me. When I have filled this place inside and become one with it--whole and complete--I can then finish my journey to the phone for shared friendship, or perhaps may even realize my own company is satisfying and fills me."

To look for activity from these two places, shows the different states of being from which our minds and hearts often work. That initial urge to run to the phone, turn on the tv, or bury one's self in the computer, serves to remove me from the work of looking at why I feel this way--using a person or an activity to artificially close the opening that aches. It invites in chaos, noise, or some other diversion, so as not to hear that small, still voice.

However, the phone call which comes after the work--the settling in, the being with a feeling, and the insights arising from this place--that is the call I make to a friend from a more peaceful state. In this state I am more likely to be drawn towards going for a walk, enjoying a talk, or making a visit to the beach; engaging in an experience of sharing, as opposed to one of escape.

Blessing, Joann Turner

Willingness to open up to what is--we uncover
the wisdom, compassion, and peace that have always
been our true dwelling place.

As we train in accessing these qualities,
faith grows: faith in ourselves and in the capacity
for all beings to awaken.
This faith, which is not fear or anger or greed,
is the authentic gate through which our efforts
begin to pass. In this way, true social transformation becomes possible.