For years we have been told by teachers, to "awaken" from our slumber.  

To do this, we must look beyond the patterns of this life, patterns and cycles which daily draw us into routines. When these routines are mind-numbing diversions--TV, alcohol, drugs, continual "lite" reading, or the "too busy" syndrome--we forget, or do not make time to be still and go inside to listen to our own counsel.
We each have within us a wisdom older than we know. It sits and waits for us to become uncomfortable enough, or bored, or have a life-changing experience so we will question why we are here.

'Why is this happening to me?" "Do I have to work at a job I don't like?" "Do I have to be around people I have nothing in common with...or who are not supportive of who I am...or what I want out of life?" These are life-altering questions and should be given some time to think upon. The answers to these questions have the power to change our lives.
And again...If we see a need for change in our world, what is the process we should be aware of?

First, we awaken to the need that we want to have change in our life. Then, we awaken even further to take action to make that change a reality. Never have so many beings been pushed to the realization that change is necessary...both within themselves and outside, within their worlds. And since we are told our outside world is a reflection of our inside world, we must take responsiblity for the condition of our lives. How do we take such responsibility? What does that mean?

Well since you asked, taking responsibility for our life means that first we stop seeing anyone else or any set of circumstance as the cause for our present situation. We realize we are right where we need to be, or we would be somewhere else. So, stop hating the place you are in and begin looking for simple changes you can make in your life to set it towards the path you would like to be traveling.

Look around and see what in your life is working and give more time to that. See what and/or who is not adding to our lives and start spending less time feeding that aspect of your life.

If there are People, Causes, Churches, or Groups who feed us, then we tithe to them. Tithing is a very old practice of gratitude and appreciation for those we go to for help, mental/emotional support, and spiritual nourishment. We tithe by giving services to them, volunteering to help, donating money; just evening our "karmic debt." When someone does something for you, and you realize it was something you needed, then you in turn do something for's a tally chart that Spirit reminds us about. It is the way we bring GRATITUDE and appreciation into our lives. And gratitude is a very powerful force to attract to us even more of what we are grateful for!

By the way, one of the bonuses to tithing is that what you give out, returns to you many times over. It's a natural you don't want to mess with that one...just enjoy its benefits.

Also, be gentle with that which is not working well in your life. If your mind spends too much time focussing on your problems...guess what? get more problems. Yes, another law: your mind acts as a magnifier and helps to bring you more of what you focus upon.

So, lastly it would seem, that to truly effect change in the world, we have to be that change we want to see. If we see a lack of peace, we need to be and offer peace. If we see a need for compassion, we need to be more compassionate. Begin paying attention to what you feel is lacking in your life and start giving that very thing to others. Then, watch and see...

Joann Turner

"Creation is the product of synchronizing our energy with the universe." ...Rassouli