A warning about state religion

In my youth I attended a very conservative church, they believed in a very literal interpretation of the Bible. If you didn't adhere to their strict interpretation of the Bible, you could taken off the church roster. It went beyond that, other members where not allowed to speak to you or if worked for a member of the church they would find a reason to let you go. A good thing is that they didn't seek political power to push their will on non-believers. 

My fear is that we are headed in that direction  where those with political power may try impose  their very conservative Christian beliefs on non-believers. There are many coming into power who believe that being a Christian should be the state religion, not just a Christian in general  but those who believe in a very conservative interpretation of the Bible. Their belief is that laws of the land should include repressive and archaic  Biblical laws. 

Who should be concerned about this possibility? Liberal Christians  who don’t accept a lateral  interpretation of the Bible. Jews (yes jews) who don’t accept Jesus as their personal savior. Lets quickly go though the rest of the possible list: New Agers, Wiccan's, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. The list could way beyond that to include: agnostics, atheists, New Thought religions, psychics, and Mediums. That even would  include those who break the moral code of their Bible, watch out Hollywood. 

How far could this go? If you want work for and do work for the Federal government. If you work for a private employer who believes in these laws. In either case you could denied employment. Yes, even If you or your  company  breaks these religious laws, you could  be subject to criminal charges.

You laugh and say this could never happen. Take a look at history. Germany in the 1930s is one  example. You don’t have go that far back, look at early 1950s in this country with the Red scare. Look at current countries where there is conservative state religion. It could happen. 

Know what your Congressperson believes. Beware of any moves that direction. Take action early to cut off the movement.  I lived in that kind of system and never want to see it happen to the country.