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Why struggle? Or in other words no reason to worry.

I received an interesting message from my spirit teachers this morning:

We in the non-physical word believe that you have no reason to worry or struggle. We are here for you, all of us. This could be your ancestors or your spirit guides. 

We love to solve your problems. We get deal of satisfaction from helping you get solutions. 

But you have to do two things. First, ask for our help and turn the problem over to us. 

Next, get out of the way! Stop thinking about the problem. Stop coming up with half-baked ego solutions. Just go have some fun and let us do the work.

You will know it is our solution because it will feel really good. Your bodies light up. A peacefulness will overwhelm you. Your action part will be easy and without struggle.

The inspired song is absolutely true, “ Don't worry be happy”.