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Thoughts on Words 

Words are like,

The colors and paint of an artist.

The clay and colors to a sculpture

The ingredients for a chef

The lines and curves to an architect 

Without imagination you have drab, tasteless, and boring

You have uninspiring and lifeless colors, ingredients, and words

The work of an artist is to take all those ingredients: the colors, the foods, the lines, and the words; create something that stirs emotions, brings joy,makes you feel and think 

All the senses are activated so that you have a total experience

I now realize how important it is when presenting words, to use inspired  imagination, so words  are sown together in a way that you feel challenged, inspired, and moved to love

Words send people off to war 

Words persuade someone to bed with you

Words make you laugh

Words make you cry

Words hurt or heal

Choose your words carefully, they create your experience