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Women of my youth

As I lay in bed this morning I reflected back on my 20s, I know along time ago, and the three women I had deep feelings for at the time. Even though I never married any of the women, I still  have  deep loving feelings for  all three. What I'm left with is an attraction to their beauty,style,and intellect. It is interesting how our minds create a belief that carries with us for the rest of our lives. When I meet women today I have a tendency to judge them based on my history with those three women. When I see an aged version of one of those three women there is an instant attraction and a curiosity. It is interesting how our consciousness and preferences get set in “stone”. A part of me would say move on let the past go, it has no present value and relating to women. But for me, the attraction and feelings are so strong I will stick with what feels good to me.

The lesson I would share with others is, stick to your preferences till they change. The preferences are reflection of not just a mental process but also the calling of your soul.