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Therapeutic Mediations 

How to love yourself!

Loving yourself leads to : Success, Happiness, Prosperity, Romance, Love, Joy, Fun!

It is your birthright to be love and have all you desire.

Receiving all you want is about:

Changing your thoughts about yourself, is to change your world. What you think creates your experience.

Go from fear based thinking to love based thinking. 

The problem is we get stuck in negative old patterns of thoughts that don’t allow us to love yourselves completely . If you don’t have all you want, you have limited your capacity to love yourself and create the life you want. 

Time to break the loop of the same fear based thought patterns and allow loving yourself to create a new experience. Time to deeply love yourself and allow loving yourself to change your life.

In therapeutic meditation sessions you are taken to safe meditative state to create a new life experience. We identify the source of your false thought patterns and beliefs.Through a mixture of hypnotherapy, NLP, and Spirit guided life coaching, we rewrite your experiences with new thoughts and believes that are love centered. 

I have been a been a clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive life coach for over 20 years, specializing in regression work and helping people find solutions to problems.

George Gomond C.Ht. M.SC & Shaman, contact me at 818 599-1503 or through www.themessenger.info

Sessions are in person,  through video chat, or telephone.

I have keep at low price to help as many people as possible.

$60 for a full session or $30 for a half session.