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The Guidance I offer as a psychic.

I have been a Channel all my life. I remember in my teens giving people information and then asking myself “where did come from, those are not my words”.

My actual psychic work start 24 years ago after taking a formal channeling class and being part of a channeling group for one year. 

My messages come from my spirit guide Adonis and the spirit guides or ancestors of people I am assisting. 

I use the gifts of:

clairvoyance - seeing

clairaudience - hearing

clairsentience - feeling

claircognizance - knowing

I specialize in receiving messages as a Medium from ancestors and well know people.

I give readings on Past Lives on who how they effect us now.

I use my gift of claircognizance to receive information on the  soul/essence of the client and who they may be asking about.  I focus this guidance  mostly in the area of Love & Relationships and Life purpose.

I am offering a special rate of $1.00 per minute