Let’s make this a day of appreciation. Look for things that make you smile and appreciate them. Think about the positive changes you want in the world and appreciate them. Think about the wonderful things that you want in your life and appreciate them. 

The more appreciate; the more beauty, love, and what you want will come into your life.

What you focus on from love becomes your reality.


After over 25 years as a professional psychic and Trance Channel I am  now focusing readings on: 

Messages from ancestors, guidance from those who love you and want you to prosper. 

Messages from “Source” on using the Law of Attraction.

Reviewing past lives to reveal how your past is effecting you now.

I am  doing readings on www.psychicencounters.com at 5 PM PDT today

The reading are all $0.99 per minute. My line name is Seth

Contact me for an appointment on the site, by Skype, in person, or telephone (818 599-1503)