Joann Turner

Address the idea of following an innate knowing...listening to that inner voice.



Birds instinctively follow this source. They have a sense of when it is necessary to move on, and in what direction that moving should be, as they are drawn to their journey's destination.

In this month's article by Laura Bonilla, she reminds us that Fall and Winter are the times of year when Nature slows down and many species hibernate and rest. Human's on the other hand, build to a maddening crescendo with busy activities leading to holidays, and, in many cases, the winter flu.

Why is flu so prevalent at this time of year? It is one of the ways our bodies use to slow us down. Our minds, our emotions, our bodies and our spirits each are working to remind us of their very real need to honor the winter of their being--to find a quiet spot and replenish, nurture and rejuvenate. To keep your immune system strong this winter, give yourself a break...each day. Find that inner sanctum--a place in your world where you can be free of outside demands. It can be a bath, where you allow yourself to sink into warm water, being very conscious of your body relaxing. It can be a walk in nature, where you are present to your experience of walking upon the earth, present to the scents in the air, and present to the sounds of animals, birds and insects around you. A visit to a library, where you can walk the aisles and find just the perfect book to take you away on a mini-vacation. Or to that marvelous diversion that awaits you anytime you are ready--the beach--with it's salty air and negative ions to cleanse your body's chaotic energy. Take a lunch and eat slowly...being aware of each bite and how it feels in your mouth. Come into the present.

There are hundreds of ideas like these to calm and soothe a depleted or overworked body, mind and spirit. Take charge of your life by paying attention to your own body's needs.

When hosts and hostesses begin offering you holidays sweets, be aware that sugar is going to subdue your immune system, while it puts an edge to your emotions. Too much sugar goes hand-in-hand with angry outbursts and temper flares in both adults and children. Be aware to limit your sugar intake and then, find something else among the appetizers to temper the sugar. One way to do that is to eat sugar with a, nuts in your cookies is a helpful idea to help you tolerate a little sugar. Or take a piece of cheese before or after a sweet. Since we all pretty much know what "sugar" looks and tastes like, here are some protein ideas which you might try working in with the holiday treats for balance--meat, cheeses, milk, fish, nuts, nut butters, eggs (ex: deviled, quiche), yogurt, beans (ex: bean dips), and soy. Vegetables also contain protein, but their content is only about 10% as much as the heavier based proteins named above.

So, with this information...enjoy your holidays, make them as peaceful as possible, and be aware of what you are eating, so you can limit what's eating you.

Joann Turner