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Had a strange but interesting dream the other day.I woke up to a full Technicolor dream. I don't always dream in color so this really stood out. The dream was about eight people in London, who I have never met. Each one had a great idea and they received 1 million British pounds for their ideas. Just before I woke I asked how can I receive this 1 million pound gift for a new idea. I received, I believe from Spirit, a writing assignment that will be both controversial and rewarding in many ways. I find it interesting our great messages and inspirations come though our dreams. 

The message,after the dream, was on what subject to write about. 

Much has been written on the subject of God, who is God, what is God, and is there a God?

I have been asked to channel information on those questions and much more our relationships with what we call God. I got a clear message to set the record straight about  God. The world is full of lots of God, so is there an absolute truth about God or do we create Gods to fit our particular needs?  Those questions and much more will be addressed in the material.

If you are interested in reading the material, I will be posting it on my blogs pages. I will let you know when each chapter is complete.