In the last few days, I have focused my radio show on living one's life purpose. While examining this  subject; on how to find your life purpose and get clarity on your life purpose, I have unturned an important fact.

If one is living their life purpose fully and with passion, all that you've ever wanted and tried to manifest will flow to them. Living in the vibration of your life purpose creates a vibrational connection to  the creative vibrations of the universe. In that state of alignment you create the flow of  all good to you. If it is money, relationships, good health, love, or well being you want; living your  your passionate purpose creates the  environment for manifesting those desires.

Thinking about my own life  and what gave me one of my greatest amounts of satisfaction it was the  opportunities to mentor people in the business world. Watching and assisting others take on responsibilities and find their path was an incredible rewarding for me.

At this stage in my life, after all I have learned and the gifts from Spirit I have developed I am more aware of the purpose I am  passionate about.

My focus going forward is to use all my training and spiritual gifts to inspire, coach, mentor, to assist others find and live their passionate life purpose. More than just finding it, there is also removing any blocks that may have kept you from fully achieving that purpose and identifying where you can best use  purpose. Even when you have identified and are living your purpose you get off track and need to be inspired to take your purpose to the next level. 

I am dedicating my gifts as a Channel: clairvoyance, clairaudience, medium, and Claire cognizance to this purpose. I also have the capacity  to read your past lives, which I find very beneficial in identifying and clarifying your life purpose. Also in my tool bag, to assist you in this quest, is my training as a Hypnotherapist and leading channel meditations.

We are all here to live inspired,playful,and happy lives.