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Random thoughts for the day.

Isn't it interesting that we spend more time worrying about the things that we don't have then the times we spend appreciating what we do have.

Along this same line of thinking, we focus and worry about the things that we can't change in the world instead of spending time appreciating the beauty in the world.

I have noticed that spiritual people,including myself, have a tendency to show a lack of faith in something greater than ourselves. We talk about our higher selves and our spiritual connections but our daily actions reflect a lack of trust. I am the first to raise my hand in agreement. We have  a tendency to allow ourselves to be ego driven not soul driven.

There is a simple solution. Turn over the wheel of your life to your higher power/your soul or for my Christian friends turn over the wheel to Jesus. Then get in the backseat of your limo of life and have some fun. Make all you do fun and play, while you give your future and dreams to your limo driver.

Smile, laugh,love, and play.