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When life passes you a gauntlet, you either take it and run with it or set it down for various reasons. I was passed a gauntlet over ten years ago, but because of  fears, I  would start to run with it then set it down for periods of time.

My call to action was "heal the planet with the power of love". I was one of millions who received this calling. Many have courageously carried out their assignment and began the healing process. I believe that there are many like myself who started off with great intentions but put down the gauntlet. 

The call from my higher self never stops nagging at me to pick it up and run. That inner knowing keeps pushing this assignment in the forefront of my consciousness. 

I have struggled the last few years not knowing my specific purpose. I have grasped at different ways to use my gifts and training to benefit humanity as directed by Source. Each particular avenue  that I explored has  lead to either dead ends or paths too narrow to traverse.

In a moment of quiet reflection and meditation I once again asked what is my purpose at this point in this life. The answer poured back to me "heal the planet with love". I once again stand at the gate ready to carry that gauntlet, willing to be shown how to administer the healing power of love. How this path will unfold is not clear to me at this time. I do know that this work will continue to be the center point of my activities, I do know I will be shown how and to whom this healing will be applied.

To my friends and clients I make an oath to answer your questions; give you guidance, coach you, in  areas of your life that need attention, using love. The healing power of love is capable of addressing your emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds. Through the application of the vibration of love manifesting your hearts desires becomes a guaranteed process.

Allow me the opportunity to help you with your personal healing through the healing power of love as I am directed by Spirit.